Attend the most awaited Belly Dance Festival of 2019

to challenge and reboot your dancing skills, techniques, improve your own style and have a lots of fun together in the beautiful city of Vienna.

18th to 20th October, 2019

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Vesna Zorman

Vesna is the founder and artistic director of AMBROSIA | Art in Motion,
a professionally acclaimed international entertainment company based in Slovenia, EU.
The company is known for their intense visual artistry, dramaturgy, and theatricality,
always delivering high class entertainment and pleasing even the toughest crowds.
AMBROSIA works with a broad range of artists coming from different dance and art backgrounds,
allowing us to have more freedom of expression and variety in our performances.
We cover a broad specter of dance forms (ballet, modern and contemporary dance, tribal fusion, belly dance,
flamenco, etc) as well as other art forms which we incorporate in our productions: gymnastics, fire performers,
aerial dancers, circus acts.

Vesna is an extremely versatile artist, her work transcends reaches beyond dance:
her strengths lie in unique "haute couture" costume designs and professional makeup artistry.
All of which she passes along on her variety of different dance, costume design and makeup workshops.
Vesna is the choreographer, costume designer and makeup artist behind all AMBROSIA stage creations.
Her passion and focus lies in creating intense story lines that captivate the audience,
as well as developing and infusing life to interesting variety of stage archetypes who pull the audience to another dimension.
Vesna often collaborates with artists from different fields.
Her photos were featured in music CD of British metal band Cradle of Filth for their newest album "Dusk and her Embrace - The Original Sin"
as well as for Italian rock band Empatia for their "Dea" CD. She often works with Italian painter,
maestro Saturno Butto, and she's portrayed on several of his oil paintings.
With January 2016 Vesna opened her own dance and art atelier AURORA in Ljubljana,
the capital city of Slovenia, where students can learn the art of dance,
costuming and stage makeup and it's also a home of all AMBROSIA | Art in Motion performers.