Attend the most awaited Belly Dance Festival of 2019

to challenge and reboot your dancing skills, techniques, improve your own style and have a lots of fun together in the beautiful city of Vienna.

18th to 20th October, 2019

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Teacher and CO Organiser

Katalin Breban

Katalin Breban originally from Transilvania, born is 1987. Her dance career started at her age of 15,
when she went her first bellydance class in Hungary. She fall is love with oriental dance for the first sight.
In 2003 she won her first competition in non professional chategory.
Then she developped herself and got the opportunity in dance theatre, also started to teach beginners, so just melted in dance totally. As one of the founder and main dancer of the Nymph Oriental Dance Company she got the chance to perform in Sweden, Spain, Ukrain, Austria,Germany, China just some of the many countires.
Milestones around the world:
2009 Stockholm Bellydance Festival competition
2011 Berlin ’Miss Bellydance Europe 2011’
2012 Barcelona Tarabesque Festival competition I. place (professional)
2012 Cairo Nile Group Festival competition I. place (professional)
2012 The Ultimate Bellydancer competition III. place (professional)

Also invited as main start to give workshops, and perform in many countries like China, Poland, Serbia, Spain…
Her own studio was held for 1 year in Budapest, the aDiva dance school, then love brought her to Austria, as now she is living and working in Vienna.
Give all what you have, and get the full joy of sharing it!